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Quantum Deep Reality

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Deep Reality

Dr. Chai Na Pol A.

Scientists and philosophers always look for what the reality is, what the origin of all thing is, what the final of everything is.  Quantum physics has given us a closer perspective of the origins of all things when it discovered neutrino and Higgs-boson.

More than 2,500 years ago, Lord Buddha, the enlightened one, stated the deep reality of everything.  He said, “All thing is Selfless” (Tripitaka).  Because it is selfless, so neutrino is present in all matters; atom can be broken into ions; ion can be broken into Higgs-boson, and Higgs-boson also can be broken into smaller particles till reaching the absolute voidness.

Lord Buddha’s Dharma explains that there are four absolute states, 1) Absolute voidness 2) Absolute light of knowingness 3) Absolute element 4) Absolute purity.

Absolute Voidness

Voidness bears all existence in the universe, in nature, in the body, in the cell, in the atoms, in heaven and in nirvana.  
Voidness is selfless because of its nothingness.

Absolute Light of Knowingness

The light of knowingness exists parallel with voidness in and in between all combination, working in different degrees of knowing.  The light of knowingness develops to be the mind and the soul later.  

All knowingness is selfless because of its invisibility and formlessness.

Absolute Element

Element is formed from energy.  There are four states of energy-element, 1) heat state 2) gas state 3) liquid state 4) solid state.

All elements are selfless because they are the formation of energy in various forms.

Absolute Purity

All thing evolves itself to perfect purity, the absolute purity is the destination of all evolution.  Absolute purity is eternal and immortal.

Absolute purity is also selfless because it is perfectly pure and transparent.


All of these, absolute voidness, absolute light of knowingness, absolute element, and absolute purity are selfless.  Because all is selfless, it can be transformed into various states, various appearances, and various ways of terminations, except absolute purity which cannot be terminated; it is immortal.

This is the deep quantum reality of all things.



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