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Space, Time and Mind Dimension

Space, Time, and Mind

Space Dimension
Time  Dimension
Mind  Dimension

Dr. Chai Na Pol A.

Human ancestors found space dimension a long time ago. It was put into a calculable formula by Euclid, a Greek philosopher.  Similarly, time dimension had appeared before the Inca Empire and was put into countable unit by Galileo.  In Einstein’s Gravity Theory, time is treated as major value. 

Like space dimension and time dimension, mind dimension was long discovered by the Lord Buddha.  In his enlightenment, he realized all dimensions of minds, which include the nature of mind, the work process of mind, the power of mind, the application of mind and the liberation of mind.

While space and time is very well known and is used widely in scientific laws nowadays, mind dimension has not been recognized nor utilized in technology world yet.

The Nature of Space, Time and Mind

Space is the dimension of unbounded voidness where material exists.  Space dimension is a measurement unit by which material is calculated in relation to voidness.

Time is the movement unit of material, determined from change in distance and state of being.

Mind is knowingness of space, time and the mind itself.  Mind is beyond space and time.  The work process of the mind involves feeling, understanding, memorizing, recognizing, pondering, acting with deliberation, making decision, and commanding.  The sum result of mind’s work is consciousness.

The Supreme Role of Space, Time and Mind

Space generates different forms of energy that are combined to make up materials and decomposes materials to become energy.

Time generates birth, growth, decline and death.

Mind generates wisdom and ignorance, creativity and destruction, morality and sin, happiness and sufferings, relationship and detachment, order and mess, bondage and freedom, impurity and purity, age and eternality.

Space Travelling, Time Travelling, Mind Travelling

Space travelling is what human uses nowadays to bring human to a nearby space, in relatively short distance.  Space travelling takes a very long time.  It is a kind of low technology.

Time travelling is what most aliens use, and human will be able to use this technology soon.  This technology and teleport will enable human to move much farther distance in a shorter time. Time travelling is thus faster than space travelling.  It is a kind of high technology.

Mind travelling is what gods, goddesses and some Buddhist monks use to travel in any space at any time instantaneously.  It is a kind of super technology.


Beyond material is quantum energy.  Beyond matter and energy is space.  Beyond space is time.  Beyond time is mind.  In order to upgrade the efficiency level of technology, mankind has to study, investigate and research the mind in depth, then apply and utilize mindology for a better life, better science, and a better universe.






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